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Our Mission

We, at Baroda Eye Institute, are commited to provide the best services in eye care through continual improvements of our systems, processes, technology and our team of competent professionals of a progressive mindset.


Latest Hospital News:


Sama Savli Branch:

Feb 11, 2018

Launching the state-of-the-art eye hospital with easy approach, spacious parking, modern building and high-tech equipments. Inauguration on 11th Feb, 2018.


Zepto - Robotic Precision Capsulorhexis:

Apr 27, 2017

Gujarat's first installation of most advanced robotic precision capsulorhexis device for cataract surgery.



Introducing MMCS:

Jul 12, 2014

One step further in advanced cataract surgery, we are proud to provide MMCS (Minimal Medications Cataract Surgery) to our cataract patients. Which has multifold benefits. Read More...

Vision Statement

To provide the best in contemporary eye care and to create an Institution of a standard which will serve as a benchmark in the international community.

Baroda Eye Institute is a centre of international standards for treatment of cataract, glaucoma and other eye diseases. It offers excellent treatment with its experienced and skilled doctors, staff, world class equipments and ample use of top-quality materials.


Supported by well qualified and experienced Ophthalmologists and with our infrastructure of international standards, we ensure to minimize operative and para-operative risk factors to a great extent. Our trained and competent staff take care of every patient from day one till post-operative period. Thanks to this excellent teamwork, many difficult and complex eye surgeries have been handled with great success.

ISO 9001:2008

Our Quality Policy


Thanks to our quality policy and implementation of top class eye care practice, we are able to achieve highest patient satisfaction levels. While implementing a good quality policy was not as difficult as constantly maintaining it. We are putting our best efforts to stick to our quality standards to deliver the same service for ever. The hospital is awarded with ISO 9001:2008 Certification for maintaining these quality standards. 

Our Team of Expert and Experienced Professionals


The actual outcome of any treatment still depends on core competency of the service provider i.e. the Doctors. We are able to provide such a high standard treatment by expertise and experience of our team of doctors.

We are fortunate to have senior-most ophthalmologist Dr. Vilas Bidaye with us. While Dr. Paras Mehta takes care of implementing all latest developments in eye care field.

World Class Operation Theatre


Our operation theatre is well-planned, spacious, sterile room concept, state-of-the-art operation theatre with top-grade aluminum  composite walls to ensure ultimate microbiological safety. Pre HEPA filters (20u and 3 air changes every hour) from two powerful air-conditioners to ensure a fully purified environment in the operation theatre for the optimal functioning of high-end surgical equipments and ultimate safety of our patients eyes.

Premium Patient Experience


Apart from state-of-the-art technology, we have made an attempt to offer a premium and customized patient experience. The recovery longue offer optimal patient comfort after the unique surgical experience, while they are taken care of by our well trained professional staff. 

A 32” inch LCD projection, of  the live surgery, for the relatives of the patients with a running commentary and one to one explanation by our trained counselor is our unique strength. 


Twin Consulting and Diagnostic Suites


We provide two well appointed and fully equipped consulting and diagnostic suites for the convenience of the doctors and better patient flow.  Apart from this, we have a separate counseling room equipped with multimedia, self explanatory models and educational materials. Our experienced counselor will help you understand your needs and problems and guide you to choose best mode of treatment to suit your eyes and pocket as well. We also have a preliminary test room for primary work-up by paramedical staff.

Maximum use of latest technology


From Registration to surgery and then upto post operative period, we impart latest technology at every level for best of the patient care. All clinical records are maintained in our dedicated computer servers for life-long reference and analysis. All latest communication modes e.g. emails and SMS are used for better hospital-to-patient communications. All technology and equipments are updated at regular intervals to keep pace with latest development in the health-care field.


Patient-friendly Waiting Area


We provide a large waiting longue with comfortable sitting arrangement, for patients and relatives. A large T.V. is continuously running with patient education and informative material, explaining eye care and common eye diseases with preventive measures.  User friendly front-desk, is  provided for patient's registration. Well trained, attentive staff would take care of registration.

Highest level of patient satisfaction


While nothing is more important than smile on our patients' face, we are fortunate to achieve and maintain this asset since decades. We are proud to have a lot many happy patients who are under our treatment since more than 2 generations! Indeed they deserve our thanks for choosing us as their trusted eye care provider.

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