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Minimal Medications Cataract Surgery (MMCS)


As a result of our efforts to provide advanced treatment for cataract, we are proud to provide MMCS as an add-on to MICS (Micro-Incision Cataract Surgery). Which provided multifold benefits over traditional MICS.

In routine phaco / MICS, usually we need to instill a lot many drops before surgery to ensure sufficient dilation (expansion) of pupil and to reduce chances of post-operative inflammation. Unfortunately, these drops has certain disadvantages also, e.g.

  • About 40-45 minutes increase in patient’s waiting time before surgery.

  • Chances of ocular and systemic reactions to any of the medications used.

  • Chances of contamination/infection of eye during instillation of each drop.

  • Every drop contains preservatives which causes damage to corneal epithelium. Putting 4-6 drops before surgery causes significant damage to cornea. Which delays ultimate recovery.

  • Causes discomfort and glare to patient before surgery.


While, in our latest technique - MMCS, we are able to avoid most of these drops. Which ensures...

  • Minimum waiting time before surgery.

  • Reduce the chances of ocular and systemic reactions.

  • Reduce the chances of contamination/infection of eye.

  • Better and Faster visual recovery.

  • Increased patients’ comfort during surgical procedure.


Better and Fater Visual Recovery

Enhanced Comfort During Surgery

Time Saving

Better Safety

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