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The Tools of a Master

An artist without his tools is but a myth. We believe to procure the best equipments available for the benefit of patients.

Here's a list of equipments that make quiet clear the artists obsession with mastery over his tools.


Alcon Centurion Phacoemulsifier

This top class equipment (made in USA) is truly best in the industry for finest surgical work of cataract removal.

With its advanced Ozil - IP technology and active fluidics, it helps us to remove cataract through micro-incision and takes care of ultimate safety of our patient's eye.

Leica Wild M-690 Ophthlamic Surgical Microscope

This state-of-the-art microscope from switzerland allow us to view the tiniest detail inside the eye while we perform microsurgery. It is equipped with beam-splitter and 3 CCD Camera to allow others in operation room and patients relatives to view the live surgery.

Highest quality video recording is very useful for academic interest.

Zepto Capsulorhexis


This robotic-precision capsulorhexis device ensures the best quality capsulorhexis (a critical step in cataract surgery) in each patient, ensuring optimized surgical outcome.


Photo Slit-lamp

Digital Slit-lamp is our main equipment for regular eye checkup.  It is with the latest digital photographic facility and archiving software. It is very useful for detailed eye checkup, educating patients and their relatives and fellow eye doctors as well as for referral communication and documentation of disease conditions.


Forus 3nethra fundus camera

Specially designed non-mydriatic fundus (retinal) camera enable us to capture and store patient's retinal images in high resolution.

Most of the patients can be screened for major diseases in less than 3 minutes, that too without putting dilating eye drops.

A great tool for comprehensive ophthalmologist's office.

Alcon Ocuscan Biometer with Pachymeter

This state-of-the-art equipment from USA enables us to take precise measurements of eye-ball through its immersion mode A-Scan biometry. With the help of it, we are able to decide the precised power of Lens to be used during cataract surgery for perfect refractive outcome.

In addition to that, there is inbuilt pachymeter also which help us to measure thickness of cornea in microns. It help us to advise our patient the suitablity of LASIK. It is of high importance in glaucoma management also. 

Huvitz Auto Lensometer

This automatic lens power measuring device help us to decide the power of present spectacle of patients.

We also ensure that patients' get correct spectacle made with the help of this equipment. It has many advanced measuring capabilities including measurement of progressive lens power and contact lenses.

Oculus Corneal Topographer

We get exact curvature of corneal surface with this equipment.

It is very useful for our cataract patients for pre-operative cornea assessment. We get exact topographical map to decide best suitable IOL for them.

Also it is useful for contact lens fitting and documentation of various diseases like keratoconus and keratoglobus.

Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope help us to visualize patients' retina (fundus of the eye) in great detail in 3D (3-Dimension).


Huvitz HOCT-1F

High-Resolution Spectral-Domain OCT and non-mydriatic fundus camera is of great help for earliest detection and progress record of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and many other sight-threatening diseases.

Applanation Tonometer

This equipment is well recognized as gold standard for taking accurate measurement of intraocular pressure.

It is of very high importance in regular eye checkup as well as in glaucoma patients.


This is again the most sophisticated equipment to help our patient for subjective refraction.

Patient can make the judgement of even minimal spectacle power-change with the help of "Quick Lens Change" technology of this equipment.

Topcon CT-80 Non-Contact Tonometer 

This most advanced non-contact tonometer allow us to measure the pressure of patients' eye even without touching it. It is very useful for day-to-day quick screening of all of our patients for glaucoma.

Oculus Perimeter

This equipment enables us to document the visual fields of patients. It is useful for glaucoma patients and patients with other neurological disorders of eye.

It is an important tool to judge progress of the disease and its control with medications.

Diagnostic Ocular Lenses

Various high-quality anti-reflection coated lenses helps to diagnose various parts of eye e.g. anterior chamber angle, retina, vitreous and optic discs.

Huvitz HRK-8000 Autoref + Autokeratometer

This advanced equipment gives us refraction data as well as keratometric readings automatically.

It also has capability to give us asphericity measurement of cornea, so that we can decide perfect IOL for our cataract patients.

Ophthalmic Examination Chair Units

It help us to assemble our routine usage equipments in a single workstation, so that patient doesn't need to move to each equipment separatly.

Saves our lots of time and add to patient comfort during eye examination session.


Tonopen Avia

Is a world class digital tonometer to precisely measure IOP (Intra Ocular Pressure) in a very patient friendly manner.

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